Health and safety

Health, safety and environment issues are important. By having an established policy, accidents are reduced, employee absence reduced and length of service extended. Nijboer consultancy is experienced in all these areas.

What can Nijboer Consultancy do for you?

Health, safety and environment issues are important for an organisation. You can contact us for:

  • Risk assessments
  • Advice on improving health, safety and environment issues
  • Implementing health and safey audits
  • Helping with legislation documents on health, safety and related issues

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  • KAM-coordinator (health and safety officer) in Rotterdam Zoo 2013 -2015
  • Setting up and implementing a risk assessment (RI&E) with the BowTieXP programme
  • Coordinating health and safety related issues, for example the installation of fire alarm systems, emergency and escape routes, protocols, legislation and HACCP
  • Keeping Toolbox meeting