Exotic animal nutrition

Food is an important part in the life of all animals. Exotic animals in captivity do not have access to their natural diets and therefore depend on us humans, to be specific, on exotic animal nutritionists. Knowledge of numerous species, dietary requirements, and access to the right contacts makes Joeke Nijboer one of Europe’s leading exotic animal nutritionist.

Nijboer is a specialist in the nutrition of leaf-eating primates, the subject of his thesis ’’Fibre intake and faeces quality in leaf-eating monkeys.” Nijboer has been involved in the development of nutrition programmes such as Animal Nutritionist, Zootrition and Fauna, the creation of the Dutch Zoo Nutrition Group (NVD-Voedingsgroep), the European Nutrition Group (ENG) and the European Zoo Nutrition Centre (EZNC). He has also organised national and international workshops and nutrition conferences.

What can Nijboer Consultancy do for you?

Your collection of animals can benefit from Nijboer Consultancy’s knowledge and expertise in several

  • Analysis and advice on the nutrition of exotic animals
  • Advice on the purchase of food
  • Organising the distribution of food within the collection
  • Implementing the Fauna nutrition programme (probably starting 1-1-2016)
  • Advice on sustainable food
  • Advice on hygiene
  • Advice, setting-up, implementing and the publishing of nutrition research for exotic animals
  • Setting-up veterinary laboratory work (parasitology and bacteriology)
  • Advice on developing and manufacturing special diets
  • Providing information and lectures on exotic nutrition

Contact for more information: Joeke@NijboerConsultancy.nl

To view Joeke Nijboer’s experience in this field:

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  • Exotic animal nutritionist Rotterdam Zoo (1977 – 2013) (manager commissary, purchasing
  • manager and the development of diets for 600 animal species)
  • Nutrition adviser for a Dutch primate centre, international wildlife centre and nutritionmanufacturers
  • Organising and participating in national and internationals nutrition conferences andworkshops
  • Implementing scientific research
  • Giving lectures
  • Reviewing articles

Participating in

  • Dutch exotic nutrition group (NVD-voedingsgroep) 2002 – present
  • Founder and participant in EZNC (European Zoo Nutrition Center) 2002 – 2004
  • Committee member of ENG (European Zoo Nutrition Group) 1999 – present
  • Member of NAG (Nutrition Advisory Group) 1996 – present
  • Member of CNS (Comparative Nutrition Society) 1996 – present
  • Nutrition adviser for several TAGs (Taxon Advisory Group) such as Okapi TAG, Indian Elephant TAG, Red Panda TAG and Bird TAG

Nutrition projects
Around 150 nutrition projects have been developed in cooperation with approximately 50 national
and international universities, colleges, research institutes, zoos and individuals, which has resulted
in more than 50 publications. In total, nearly 200 national and international students helped carry
out these projects.

During his work for EZNC Nijboer was the main editor of the nutrition booklet “Zoo Nutrition Tables
and Guidelines”.