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After a long career at Rotterdam Zoo Dr. Joeke Nijboer set up the Nijboer Consultancy in July 2015. His knowledge and experience of exotic animal nutrition, pest control and safety is now available for your company.

Nijboer Consultancy can advise, implement projects on exotic animal nutrition, pest control and health and safety related issues.

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February 1977- July 2015
Joeke Nijboer started in 1977 at Rotterdam Zoo. He set up the veterinary lab work and for many years was responsible for food purchasing and the development of the diets for all the animals. He was also involved in many nutrition projects. Other projects he has been involved with are ere animal registration (ARKS), health and safety issues and pest control.

An overview:

  • Setting up and implementing veterinary laboratory work (parasitological, bacteriology, haematology and urology) (1977 – 1989)
  • Purchasing animal food (1977 – 1999)
  • Developing diets (1977 – 2015)
  • Commissary manager and manager of the transport unit (seven people) (1977 – 1999 and 2009 – 2013)
  • Implementing animal diet nutrition programmes (Animal Nutritionist, Zootrition, Fauna)
  • Performing nutrition research
  • Executing research in cooperation with national and international universities and institutions
  • Guiding students (150, mostly BSc and MSc students)
  • Founder member of the exotic animal nutrition organisations (NVD-voedingsgroep and European Nutrition Group)
  • Organising national and international exotic nutrition conferences and workshops
  • Founder and coordinating member of the European Zoo Nutrition Center (EZNC) (2001 – 2004)
  • Coordinator and implementer of pest control in Rotterdam Zoo (1985 – 2015)
  • Studbook keeper of three species of crowned pigeons (1990 – 2001 en 2009 – 2010)
  • Animal registrater ARKS (1989 – 1991)
  • Chairman of the ‘green team’ and coordinator of environment issues in Rotterdam Zoo (2007 – 2012)
  • KAM-coordinator (health and safety officer) in Rotterdam Zoo (2012 – 2015)
  • Coordinator of safety and environment projects (2013 – 2015: RI&E, LED, BHV, BMI and emergency lighting, audits, fermentation of waste and waste management)

1999 –heden

Editor in chiefPest Control News

PEST CONTROL NEWS is an independent magazine for the pest control industry which is send to all companies involved in pest control in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The magazine contains relevant up-to-date news from all pest disciplines. The magazine is published twice a year . The print run is 1800 copies.


Doctorate from Utrecht Veterinary Faculty

Thesis subject: “Fibre Intake and faeces quality in leaf-eating monkeys”, Supervisor Prof. A.C. Beynen.

1975 – 1976 Van Hall Institute, Groningen (application course in environmental science)

1984- 1985 Hoger Uniediploma Milieubeheer (BSc in environmental science)

1986 degree in pest control (Vakbekwaamheidsdiploma Ongediertebestrijding B)

This covered legislation and the safe use of biocides as well as all the common pests in the Netherlands.

1979 Medical analyst education, certificate of microbiology and haematology.

1972 – 1975 Bijzondere Hogere Landbouw School in Leeuwarden (BSc)

Specialities during this agricultural training were biochemistry, livestock and soil science were lectured.

2014 -2015 Middelbare VeiligheidsKundige opleiding in Vianen

During this course the implementation of health and safety legislation was studied. As a result, the following diplomas were obtained: VCAvol, preventiedeskundige and MVK diploma (health and safety officer)

1967 – 1972 Drachtster Lyceum (HAVO diploma similar to college)

1972 – 1975 Bijzondere Hogere Landbouw School in Leeuwarden (BSc)

1975 – 1976 Van Hall Instituut in Groningen (environmental science course)

1979 Medical analysts coarse in Rotterdam (microbiology and haematology)

1986 Vakbekwaamheidsdiploma ongediertebestrijding B (pest control course)

1982 – 1986 Hoger Uniediploma Milieubeheer (BSc in environmental science)

2006 Doctorate thesis at Utrecht Veterinary Faculty

2014 – 2015 Middelbaar Veiligheidskunde in Vianen (VCAvol, Preventiekunde en MVK similar to

health and safety officer)