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Working at Rotterdam Zoo, Nijboer specialized in pest control. He obtained a degree in pest control in 1986 (vakdiploma plaagdierbestrijding B) and since then was in charge of pest control at the zoo. It in, Especially in zoos, a complex task. Pest controllers encounter tropical environments, storage rooms, food preparation areas cafeterias and the like, in fact the world in miniature. Unwanted residents such as cockroaches, tropical ants, rats and mice must be repelled. Hiding places in zoos challenge the pest controller which means that IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is not possible.

Nijboer’s experience of pest control is not limited to zoos, he has an overall knowledge. For example, since 2006 he has lectured on pest control for Musca (Institute for pest control education) and from 1999 he has been editor of the Dutch edition of Pest Control News which is published twice a year (

Nijboer Consultancy has a broad knowledge of pest control and is up-to-date on all modern techniques. He can provide a solution for your company’s pest control problems.

What can Nijboer Consultancy do for you?

This consultancy has the best solution for you. From monitoring to pest control we offer a wide range of possibilities:

  • Inventory, monitoring and reporting of pests
  • Implementing pest control
  • Technical support of manufacturers, distributors and pest controllers
  • Designing and translating factsheets on pests
  • Risk assessments
  • Lecturing on pest control

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Coordinating and implementing pest control in Rotterdam Zoo 1986 – 2015

Editor of the Dutch edition of Pest Control News 1999 – present

Translating (English/German) brochures for manufactures and distributors

Presenting courses for Musca 2007 – present

Pest Control News Magazine


PEST CONTROL NEWS is an independent magazine for the pest control industry which is send to all companies involved in pest control in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
The magazine contains relevant up-to-date news from all pest disciplines. The magazine is
published twice a year . The print run is 1800 copies.

Musca is a part of the SPA-group and specialises in pest control education. Joeke Nijboer teaches in the areas of bats and stone martens, flora and fauna as well as invasive insects. New courses are in development.